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just like the quibbler

only not so fake

your daily dose of the haps in lj potterverse
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Welcome to lovepotions!
Read all about it and then tell your friends!

This community is basically like all of the others: we, the staff, help you, the readers, find out all you could possibly want and need to know about the daily happenings in the livejournal Potterverse. This includes fanart, fanfics, icons, graphics, and a lot of randomness that anyone would possibly want to know or be involved in.

It's easy to read lovepotions on your friends list. In order to do so, just click here. There is no need to join the community; it's reserved for staff members only.

Have questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions? Want to just tell us that we rule at life and boost our self-esteem? E-mail us at lovepotions@gmail.com - we'll surely get back to you or put your ideas and suggestions to good use!

Want to become a staff member of lovepotions or even just participate in the least? We'll let you know when jobs have opened up. Once they have, feel free to e-mail us at lovepotions@gmail.com with the proper requirements, and we'll get back to you. Remember - don't e-mail us now, we'll let you know!

The staff: acciofirebolttearbearautreuponadream