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taryn [userpic]
Week of Aug 11-18
by taryn (tearbear)
at August 20th, 2005 (02:09 am)

current mood: giddy

If you have any ideas, questions, comments, suggestions, concerns - anything at all, really - don't hesitate to e-mail us at lovepotions@gmail.com. HBP Warnings. Will be posting either combined days on Saturday, or a weekend edition on Sunday

Thursday, August 11th
-HBP : Chapter Twenty Seven by seviet
-Prongs (James' Animagus) [G] by cunningplan
-Fred and George [G] by reallycorking
-Birthday Girl, Merry Xmas [OBHWF, G] by lberghol
-Luna Lovegood [G] by kaimu
-The Whomping Willow [G] by on_axis
-Grimy Windows [H/D, Fic&Art] by joosetta (art)
Friday, August 12th
-HBP : Chapter Thirteen by seviet
-Astronomy Tower [R/S] by slashiet LOCKED
-Harry and Dumbledore [HBP] by caladan_dd
-Young Snape [G] by coldbeverage
-Hermione's Amortentia [R/Hr, G] by lberghol
-Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs [200-members!] by hlclark
-Tom Riddle, Lily Evans [G] by quisquiliae
-Severus Snape [G] by _noesumeragi_
-Polyjuicing [G, Trio] by massicot
-The Titan Tounge Trick [R/L, NC17] by bogfrog
Saturday, August 13th
-Tom Riddle, Tom/Ginny [G] by lberghol
-Draco Quidditch Card [G] by dosandazalbra
-Seductions of Harry Potter [NC17,NWS] by kungfooqueen
Sunday, August 14th
-Summer at the Burrow [OBHWF] by seviet
-R/Hr, H/G and Demelza by lberghol
Monday, August 15th
-Quidditch Changing Room by fools_trifle
-Under the Spray [H/D, NC17] by shored
-Perfection Lost [NC17, Fic&Art] by runcible (art)
-Brotherly Advice 1 & 2 [HBP scenes</a> by lberghol
Tuesday, August 16th
-Lucius and Bellatrix [G] by shored
-Dessert [R/Hr, NC17] by karasu_hime
-The Secret Keeper [S/Hr, NC17, Art&Fic] by lizardspots
Wednesday, August 17th
-H/G, Third Wheels, Ron's Birthday & R/T [G] by lberghol
Thursday, August 18th
-H/G, OotP: Ch. 14, OBHWF and Sirius by seviet
-Sittee with the Headmistress [S/M, NC17, NWS] by karasu_hime
-Passion Beach [H/H, NC17] by muddgutts

Thursday, August 11th
-31 POA Icons by libraire
-18 Various HP Icons by detoxcocktails
-Harry Potter Collage/Wallpaper by black_hearted_
Friday, August 12th
-27 iHP Character Icons by oohlala
-25 POA Icons by libraire
-12 POA Icons by llama_face
-12 Various HP Icons by pocket_icons
-11 POA/GOF Icons by 10four
-9 PS/SS Icons by helloicons
Saturday, August 13th
-Challenge #6 at gof_stillness
-54 POA Icons by enginedriven
-50 COS Icons by nocturne_love
-27 Various HP Icons by atropine29
-20 POA Icons by colormered_cons
-18 GOF Icons by everlyn
-15 GOF Icons by piracy
-15 GOF Icons by illuxtris
-13 HP Text Icons by abbycadabra
-11 Various HP Icons by _kendra
-9 Various HP Icons by exeunt
-D/Hr Imagepack by carmilla_s
Sunday, August 14th
-50 PS/SS Icons by shaunasweetness
-39 Various HP Icons by metalheavy
-37 Various HP Icons by london_freak
-31 PS/POA/GOF Icons by ressie_noldo
-28 Various HP Icons by twilightbadgirl
-28 Various HP Icons by passionfilled
-11 POA Icons by llama_face
-Ron/Hermione Wallpaper by suzy_queue
Monday, August 15th
-24 POA/GOF Icons by pocket_icons
-19 HBP Quotes by colormered_cons
-14 Various HP Icons by loleia
-Ron/Hermione Wallpaper by mrs_luthor
Tuesday, August 16th
-164 Icons, 3 Headers & 2 Wallpapers by colormered_cons
-30 Actor Icons by thespotlight
-14 Icons & 4 Wallpapers [OBHWF] by lovebit
-16 Icons & 4 Wallpapers [R/Hr, D/Hr, Remus] by ginaeon
-11 POA/GOF Icons by exeunt
-5 Icons & Wallpaper by passionfilled
-4 Icons & Wallpaper [D/Hr] by allthingsgood
-R/Hr Wallpaper by pocket_icons
Wednesday, August 17th
-30 HBP Quote Icons by ashley3408
-20 GOF Icons by grrliz
-17 Various HP Icons by terroricons
-15 Various HP Icons by allthingsgood
-11 Various HP Icons by helloicons
-GOF Champion Wallpaper by grrliz
Thursday, August 18th
-27 Various HP Icons by ashers_sparks
-24 Marta-Art Icons by sunnysky
-20 PS/SS Icons by fairy_icon
-16 Various HP Icons by potthead
-14 PS/SS Icons by iconoclastism
-12 Various HP Icons by awakencordy
-8 Various Hp Icons by _shetan87
-6 Icons, 2 Banners & Wallpapers by digitaljazz

Thursday, August 11th
-Assuming [R/Hr, PG] by grea
-Burn [D/Hr, PG13] by firesorceress
-To Have Cake and Eat it Too [R/S, NC17]
-296 Ways to Seduce a Teacher: Ch. 3 [R/S, NC17, WIP] by _demonsblade_
Friday, August 12th
-Locked in a Room [NC17, Multi-pairings, Slash] by inell
-A Lesson in Holding Hands: Ch. 2 [R/S, WIP] by krislaughs
Saturday, August 13th
-Last Resort [R/Hr, G, Fluff] by bribitribbit
-A Lesson in Holding Hands: Ch. 3 [R/S, WIP] by krislaughs
-Encounter at St. Ives [D/Hr, NC17] by inell
Sunday, August 14th
-To Make You Feel My Love [R/Hr, G] by friskylemon
-Scattered in the Wind [R/Hr, B/F, PG13] by annabellatrix
-Slip Away [H/G, NC17, Dark] by happiestwhen
-A Lesson in Holding Hands: Ch. 4 [R/S, WIP] by krislaughs
-Queerditch Drabbles [H/L, S/J/Reg, B/V, NC17] by ofscarletwoman
-Queerditch Drabbles [Hr/L, J/S, P/Hr, B/V, NC17] by inell
-Queerditch Drabbles [H/D, Hr/L, H/G] by inell
Monday, August 15th
-Inconceivable [R/Hr, NC17] by inwonderland_
-Ink-stained Plan [H/G, implied T/G, NC17] by starrysummer
-Weather Patterns [N/L, NC17] by happiestwhen
-A Lesson in Holding Hands: Ch.5 [R/S, WIP] by krislaughs
-Ladytron [Flip-flop Challenge, P/Hr, NC17] by ofscarletwoman
Tuesday, August 16th
-You're Just Jealous [R/Hr, G] by edeainfj
-296 Ways to Seduce a Teacher: Ch. 4 [R/S, NC17, WIP] by _demonsblade_
-The Secret Keeper [S/Hr, NC17, Art&Fic] by lizardspots
Wednesday, August 17th
-What Ron Saw [C/L, R/Hr, NC17] by theladyfeylene
-Every Drop of Water [Trio, NC17] by xylodemon
-296 Ways to Seduce a Teacher: Ch. 5 [R/S, NC17, WIP] by _demonsblade_
Thursday, August 18th
-The Company Party [Trio, NC17] by inell
-A Lesson in Holding Hands: Ch.6 [R/S, End] by krislaughs
-Drabble Meme [R/S, B/R, L/Hr] by inell
-All's Fair [B/T, NC17] by florahart
-An Intriguing Puzzle [Bz/Hr] by bana05

-rhr_daily pimp; a Ron/Hermione newsletter.
-thevirginsluts pimp; for icon makers, novices and tutors come together.
-hhr_news pimp; a Harry/Hermione newsletter.
-immobulus_elite pimp; an elite harry potter icon community.
-dhr_news pimp; a Draco/Hermione newsletter.
-fall_weasleys pimp; celebrating The Weasleys this fall.
-rs_prophet pimp; a Remus/Sirius newsletter.
-viktorhermione pimp; a Viktor/Hermione community.
-phx_rising pimp; an Harry Potter RPG.
-hermione_news pimp; a newsletter for Hermione Granger (fics, art, etc.)
-propheting pimp; a Draco/Ginny newsletter.
-mickawber discusses Ginny Weasley and the Madonna/Whore Syndrome
-safakus writes in Hermione's defense.
-puritybrown writes "Of Wolf and Man" (Remus Lupin)
-potthead announces a contest that will be going down at Heroessaycontest.com
-unrequitedangst writes "Because Blood Tells" (Narcissa Malfoy)
-pilly2009 discusses Draco Malfoy... Villian or Victim?
-cordelia_v praises Fanon!Hagrid
-starrysummer wants your favourite one-shots (fics)
-dingdongbell creates a Post-HBP fic listing
-inell makes a master list of her HP fics
-tarie talks about a R/Hr Full-length Fic Extravaganza
-Claim a Challenge over at sirius_loving
-HP Smutfic Survey Results posted by emmagrant01
-Fication - FQF posted at wizard_trauma

If you would like to be added to the lovepotions watch list or have an entry of imporantance that you'd like to spread around, please e-mail us at lovepotions@gmail.com. Any broken links, please contact.

And we finally made it to 100 WATCHERS!

♥ Taryn tearbear

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